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Heavy Duty Lifts

When you are in search of a well-built lift, look no further. Ground Up Lifts offers a heavy-duty  lift to help you properly store and maintain your Snowmobile or ATV.



Ground Up Lifts provides a comfortable working height, making it easier to raise and lower your Snowmobile or ATV up to 27 inches in the air. Each lift comes with a hand crank and will support up to 1000 lbs with a 2000 lb cranking capacity and is made out of high quality 14-gauge rectangle steel tubing. All of the hardware is grade five bolts with locking nuts.


To speed up the lifting process, our lifts also allow you to raise or lower your lift with a power drill, using an half inch socket or a crank socket adapter (which you can purchase in our online store), positioned on the end of the crank.




You can use our lifts for storage or maintenance to take the pressure off the track and the shocks. These lifts also come specifically pre-drilled to accommodate for our wheel kits. The lifts also feature adjustable pads, which are drilled and tapped into the design of the lifts for leveling the rear of the snowmobile.  The lift also has rubberized anti-slip adhesive to help prevent your snowmobile or ATV from moving on the lift.




All of our lifts are powder coated and have standard SAE finished washers. Choose any color of lift from our collection of colors below. Neon and Metallic color requests have an additional cost.


Black   Blue   Red   Neon Yellow   Orange

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